Ask Congress to Increase Education Funding

June 9, 2020

THREE CHEERS for the Wisconsin senators and representatives who sent a letter to their Congressional Delegation asking them to support and approve new funding for local school systems in the next COVID-19 supplemental appropriations bill. Wisconsin State Representative Sondy Pope, …

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Actions Against EdChoice School Voucher Expansion

January 6, 2020

Ohio’s school voucher expansion language was quietly slipped into the budget bill this past summer and signed into law, and according to the Columbus Dispatch, the Ohio legislature widened the definition of a low-performing school to the point of absurdity, …

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Oppose the Expansion of EDCHOICE VOUCHERS

December 31, 2019

Ohio School District Board Members: PLEASE pass RESOLUTIONS opposing the expansion of EDCHOICE VOUCHERS by the Ohio General Assembly, and then publicize them extensively in the media. Signed resolutions should be forwarded to Gov. DeWine, the Ohio General Assembly education leaders, and …

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More Days of Action against School Takeovers

June 18, 2019

More Days of Action against School Takeovers July 1-17, 2019 The Ohio House overwhelmingly passed a bipartisan bill, House Bill 154, to repeal the school takeover law (HB 70), and its language was added to the House’s two-year budget. Instead …

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LIMITED by the Ohio Senate Ed Committee

June 14, 2019

Research and analysis of successful school reform efforts have pointed to several supports that are consistently associated with stronger student outcomes than state takeovers of public school districts. These include access to high quality early childhood and pre-K programs, a …

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(Fill-in-the-Blank) Resolution Opposing School Privatization

May 20, 2019

An Ohio political party issued a powerful statement against school privatization by unanimously passing this resolution at its Executive Committee meeting. Diane Ravitch published this important story of the Ohio Democratic Party’s support for public education and encouraged every political …

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Resolution to Repeal Ohio’s School Takeover Law

March 16, 2019

  Youngstown, Lorain, and East Cleveland are high-poverty school districts that are under state control in Ohio due to low performance on the state report card. Dayton schools could be next at the end of this school year. Columbus, Ashtabula, …

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School Takeovers: UNACCEPTABLE

March 13, 2019

“The Youngstown Plan.” Sounds very positive, doesn’t it? Academic distress commission. Opportunity school district. School turnaround. When the state takes over a school district, it may sound really promising, but it’s not. Simply put, a state takeover is part of …

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