Who We Are

Public Education Partners (PEP) is the leading volunteer advocacy group for public education in Ohio. PEP is a statewide coalition of parents, grassroots citizen groups, school board members, educators, and school administrators that advocates for high quality public education.

Students in Ohio and around the country have never been under more developmentally inappropriate and highly stressful education policies than what we see in public schools today.

Because our school children have essentially become guinea pigs for poorly developed educational legislation, a grassroots movement has developed with people joining together to raise awareness and take action about what’s at stake in public education. Public Education Partners (PEP) is an organization that was put together to unite this growing number of public school advocacy groups. PEP is a nonprofit nonpartisan group that was formed:

  1. To support publicly accountable Ohio schools for all students.
  2. To advocate for equitably funded public schools that offer a full and rich curriculum to all children.
  3. To promote the elimination of high-stakes tests for the evaluation of students, teachers, and schools.
  4. To connect various public education advocacy groups throughout the state.
  5. To provide this coalition with the tools needed to effectively advocate for public education.

The Network for Public Education recognized Public Education Partners of Ohio with the 2023 Phyllis Bush Award for Grassroots Organizing.



The Board of Public Education Partners believes that ALL students should be empowered to become resilient, lifelong learners who make positive contributions to our society.

We believe that our children deserve a proper and accurate understanding of our nation’s history and governmental institutions.

We believe that a culturally responsive curriculum will reflect the history and background of every student, and thus will empower children to value all cultures, not just their own.

We believe that the path to equity begins with a broad understanding of the history of inequalities and inhumanity and how they impact current society.

We believe that white supremacy culture, hate speech, hate crimes, and hateful violence deserve no place in our country, state, and school system.

We believe that the public school system is a public good that is fundamental to our democratic society- it must be dedicated to equity and thoughtful teaching of future citizens that racism and bigotry are unjust and will not be tolerated.

The Board of Public Education Partners believes that its continued involvement in public education advocacy should emanate from a perspective of equity, anti-racism, and anti-bias.

(Inspired by the State Board of Education of Ohio’s 2020 Resolution to Condemn Racism and to Advance Equity and Opportunity for Black Students, Indigenous Students, and Students of Color)


PEP Board of Directors

Barry Alcock – Groveport, Ohio
Anita Beck – Worthington, Ohio
Debbie Bernauer – Brecksville, Ohio
Michelle Dillingham – Cincinnati, Ohio
Marti Franks – Reminderville, Ohio
Pam Gayheart – Fairborn, Ohio
Dan Greenberg – Sylvania, Ohio
Lynn Keen Greenberg – Springboro, Ohio
Kevin Griffin – Dublin, Ohio
Russ Harris – Grove City, Ohio
Katie Hauer – Mason, Ohio
Darold Johnson – Dublin, Ohio
Jeanne Melvin – Columbus, Ohio
Eva O’Mara – Brecksville, Ohio
Bill Phillis – Columbus, Ohio
Maureen Reedy – Columbus, Ohio
Denis Smith – Westerville, Ohio
Frances Strickland – Columbus, Ohio
Andy Wilson – Fairborn, Ohio
Donna Wilson – Fairborn, Ohio


Public Education Partners is on social media – please join in its advocacy initiatives:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/OhioPEP

Twitter – https://twitter.com/OhioPEP

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/publicedpartners/