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State Board of Education Meeting for May 2019

State Board of Education meetings generally begin on the second Monday of each month. The Board’s business meeting usually is held the next day. Members of the public have opportunities to address the Board during the Chapter 119 hearing and during public participation

Agenda Item: Members of the general public who wish to speak to the Board regarding action items on the Board’s agenda, which are scheduled for a vote at this meeting, will be permitted to address the Board during Public Participation on Agenda Items.

Non Agenda Item: Individuals who wish to speak to the Board on issues of general interest, which are not scheduled for a vote, will be permitted to address the Board during Public Participation on Non Agenda Items.

“As part of continuing efforts to strengthen security for tenants and visitors, security will be prohibiting visitors from bringing backpacks into the building. Employees are not affected. When visitors carrying backpacks come to the building and register at the security desk, they will be asked by the security officer to return their backpacks to their vehicles or visit another day. Security officers will continue to inspect all other visitor bags, such as purses and cases.”

Build relationships with the people elected to represent your schools. Knowing where members of the state school board stand on issues that impact our public schools is essential to electing strong supporters of our students. Let’s hold our state BOE accountable for making decisions that benefit our students and public school districts.

Get to know your state school board members, and make sure they know you.

Write, call, attend meetings, and share your concerns, ideas, and values. Decision-makers need to hear from the people they serve!

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