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Let’s Talk: The Testing Charade

Plan now to attend a book study in Columbus, Ohio of Daniel Koretz’s 2017 book, The Testing Charade: Pretending to Make Schools Better. Citizen Advocates for Public Education (CAPE Ohio) and Public Education Partners (PEP) are co-sponsoring this community book discussion inspired by the recent work of the Heights Coalition for Public Education.

Is high-stakes testing helping students learn more and teachers teach better?

Have test-based accountability systems improved anything?

The Testing Charade: Pretending to Make Schools Better answers these questions definitively and authoritatively.

Get the facts about standardized testing and its implications for Ohio’s students.

For decades we’ve been studying, experimenting with, and wrangling over different approaches to improving public education, and there’s still little consensus on what works, and what to do. The one thing people seem to agree on, however, is that schools need to be held accountable—we need to know whether what they’re doing is actually working. But what does that mean in practice?

High-stakes tests. Lots of them. And that has become a major problem. Daniel Koretz, one of the nation’s foremost experts on educational testing, argues in The Testing Charade that the whole idea of test-based accountability has failed—it has increasingly become an end in itself, harming students and corrupting the very ideals of teaching. In this powerful polemic, built on unimpeachable evidence and rooted in decades of experience with educational testing, Koretz calls out high-stakes testing as a sham, a false idol that is ripe for manipulation and shows little evidence of leading to educational improvement. Rather than setting up incentives to divert instructional time to pointless test prep, he argues, we need to measure what matters, and measure it in multiple ways—not just via standardized tests.

Right now, we’re lying to ourselves about whether our children are learning. And the longer we accept that lie, the more damage we do. It’s time to end our blind reliance on high-stakes tests. With The Testing Charade, Daniel Koretz insists that we face the facts and change course, and he gives us a blueprint for doing better.

Whether you are a teacher, administrator, parent, or interested community member, this book study on The Testing Charade is for you.

It will be held at Bethel International United Methodist Church in northwest Columbus, Ohio. Here’s a link to receive an invitation to this event. http://evite.me/ewXXHTB1dY

Book available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, other book sellers, and public libraries.

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