How many school districts are in Ohio?
The Buckeye state has about 610 traditional public school districts and 407 charter schools.

How many children attend Ohio’s schools?
Public schools serve more than 1.8 million students in Ohio, the sixth-largest public school system in the country. Charter schools serve about 123,000 students in Ohio.

How much time do students spend on standardized testing in traditional public schools?
The average Ohio student spends 19.8 hours taking tests each year, not including time preparing for tests, taking optional tests, or taking tests created by teachers.

How do public schools in Ohio fare on the state report cards?
Ohio public schools continue to improve their designations on the Local Report Cards, with 536 districts (87.9%) rated effective or higher. According to the Ohio Department of Education, 40.1% of Ohio’s charter schools are failing, whereas only 1.5% of public schools are in academic emergency or watch.

What is the yearly cost to educate graduating students in the state of Ohio?
Traditional public school districts annually expend $11,371 per graduating student, increasing to $18,977 for Ohio’s largest eight urban districts. For charter schools, the yearly cost per graduate is $29,175.

What is the overall graduation rate of Ohio students?
Traditional public school districts have a graduation rate of 90.1%, and for charter schools, the graduation rate falls to 26.4%.

How much money is sent from traditional public schools to Ohio charter schools?
Ohio Department of Education data shows traditional public schools lost more than $870 million in state funding to charter schools in fiscal year (FY) 2014.

(Answers to FAQs came from Ohio School Boards)